Villa Del Lago Pavilion

A Charitable Venue

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12400 Cedar Street
Austin, TX 78732


Rental Fees:
Sunday through Thursday: $3,000.00
Friday and Saturday: $5,000.00

All Events must be over no later than midnight. Your move-out and general clean-up* must be completed before midnight or you will be charged for an additional day’s rental. The Pavilion Manager is required to be there at the venue during your event. There is a maximum of a 6 hour window for the actual event (not including set up and clean up). Any additional hours needed for your event, the Managers hourly rate applies.

Rental Fee Does Not Include:
Catering Services
Heating Lamps
Pavilion Siding
Dressing Room Area

**Your rental time must include all set-up and clean-up time.

*Definition of General Clean-up:
trash clean-up and removal, sweeping of Pavilion and bathrooms, bar areas cleared and ready to be cleaned.



Policy Agreement for Reserving Villa Del Lago Pavilion

All reservations for the use of Villa Del Lago Pavilion are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Food/Beverages/Alcohol: Food and beverages may be served in Villa Del Lago Pavilion. Due to state laws regarding legal liability, only a licensed bartender may serve alcohol. You can choose any licensed bartender you want or we can supply you with some recommendations, but we will need a copy of their license at least 2 weeks prior to your event. If this license is not in our possession, no alcohol will be served.

Delivery and Pickups: Deliveries and pickups are your responsibility and should be coordinated with the necessary people to be certain that Villa Del Lago Pavilion is accessible during the time in question.

Theft and/or Damages to property: Please know that we will take legal action against anyone who maliciously causes damage to the facilities. You may be held responsible for the actions of your guests. Please do not invite anyone whom you don’t trust unconditionally. Areas past the waterfall are private property.

Musicians and Entertainers: Musicians and entertainers are allowed. As with other guests, you are responsible for the behavior and actions of your hired talent.

Audio/Video Equipment: You are permitted to provide and play your own CDs and DVDs on your own equipment. DVDs will require that you provide your own screen, projector, etc. Should you choose to rent the equipment in Villa Del Lago Pavilion, you will need to hire one of our specially trained and authorized A/V Technicians. The fee is $100 per hour. Only our technicians are permitted to use the in-house audio and video equipment.

Displays and Decorations: Displays and decorations are allowed but cannot be permanently attached (no nails, screws, staples or tacks) to walls or ceilings. Adhesive tape is the only acceptable form of attachment. No confetti is permitted either inside or out side Villa Del Lago Pavilion.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside Villa Del Lago Pavilion. Smoking is permitted outside of the Pavilion, however cigarette butts will be included in your general clean-up.

Safety: We will not assume liability or responsibility for the safety of clients, guests or invitees brought to Villa Del Lago Pavilion. Please watch children carefully and do not allow anyone to climb on the rock walls or enter the water feature. Elderly guests should be dropped off and picked up at the driveway on the side of the entrance to the Pavilion.

Deposit/Payment Terms: Your entire rental fee is due upon booking to reserve your date. Checks and cash are the only forms of payment accepted. Make one check payable to Austin Community Foundation. The other check will be a security/cleanup/management fee. Check Pavilion coordinator for amounts.

Cancellation Policy: On the day that we receive your booking check, we begin telling other parties that your date is no longer available. No refunds will be made on the charitable portion of your booking check. We cannot guarantee a full refund on your security/cleanup/management fee check, but partial refunds may be possible.

Force Majeure: In no event shall we be liable for consequential damages of nature for any reason including but not limited to weather, malicious damage, etc. Should an emergency make it impossible for the facilities to accommodate you and your guests, your event may be rescheduled, however should you choose not to reschedule, your booking fees will not be refunded.

Rights: The use of Villa Del Lago Pavilion is a privilege, not a right. Please remember that you are guests on private property. We ask that all guests show proper respect to the facilities and the surrounding areas. Please limit vehicle speeds to no more than 20 MPH on driveway. We reserve the right to observe all private functions and to cancel any event which goes beyond the bounds of propriety. In such cases no refund will be made. We will not assume liability or responsibility for personal injuries, damages to, or loss of personal property, equipment, merchandise or articles left in the Pavilion prior to, during or following a function. Anyone being disrespectful will be asked to leave the premises and if compliance is not immediately forthcoming, the authorities will be called to assist and the event may be cancelled.

Security: Villa Del Lago will provide 1 security guard per 100 people at all events. Over 100 people you will need to pay for a 2nd security guard. Security is under strict orders to make sure all events end on time, and therefore at midnight, all lights will be turned off.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can Villa Del Lago accommodate?

Villa Del Lago can accommodate up to 300 guests. (any additional guests, please speak with Pavilion Manager.)


How large is Villa Del Lago?

Villa Del Lago Pavilion is 2,400 square feet inside. There are also 5,000 square feet of manicured garden, with a Lake Travis overlook and waterfalls.


Where can we park at Villa Del Lago?

Parking is limited at our facility. 50 vehicles are allowed on-site parking. Additional guests must be shuttled in from another location. We would be happy to make suggestions.


Is there a Changing Area at Villa Del Lago?

A changing area is available upon request, per owner approval at an additional cost.


For more information:

Mailing Address:
12821 Hughes Park Drive
Austin, Tx 78732

Phone: (512) 658-6285


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